About Velo City Bags

Velo City Bags was started by me, Nathan Larsen, after I couldn't find my ideal messenger bag and set out to make my own. The bag needed to be rugged to survive Utah's harsh winters, comfortable enough to wear around town, have a clean, modern design and be made without dubious labor practices. After many long nights of researching, sewing and experimenting Velo City Bags was born. We make our designs. We cut our patterns. We make every bag by hand.

Made vegan, by vegans.

Velo City Bags are very much about you. Choose the style, size, colors and accessories to suite your own style. Deck out your bag in anything from subtle simplicity to full technicolor radiance. Whatever you choose: make it your own, we like it better that way.

Photograph of Nathan Larsen
Photograph by Debbie Larsen